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AIC History

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Asian Institute of Cambodia has evolved and upgraded itself step by step through a variety of consequences as follows:
• 2002-2008
Asian Institute of Cambodia was named International Language School (ILS), which was located in Kamchay Mear High School. It offered English and computer courses. This institute expanded itself as it opened three branches. The first one was in Kamchay Mear Village. The second one was in Tean Pleung Market. The third one was in Chea Sim University of Kamchaymear. The total number of the students was around 800. The International Language School was established by the following founders:
Management Team:
1. Mr. Chhan Sopheap
2. Mr. Nith Rachnak
3. Mr. Sou Viboul
4. Mr. Phoung Phearum
Teachers and Staff:
Mr. Ren Sothea
2. Mr. Chorn Vichirt
3. Mr. Mak Sopheap
4. Mr. Chea Sokkhen
5. Mr. Brak Sophal
6. Ms. Khan Chhem
7. Mr. An Pov
8. Mr. Kim Chanra
9. Mr. Yun Dina
10. Mr. Ren Virak
11. Mr. Deuk Rann 
In 2011, International Language School (ILS) upgraded itself to be a higher education institution named Asian Institute of Cambodia, which was situated in Ourusey II Village, Sangkat Ourusey, Kratie Town, Kratie Province. In 2016, it moved to its new campus, which is located in Ourrussey II Village, Sangkat Ourrussey, Krachess City, Krachess Province.
This institute has been established by the following founders:
1. Mr. Chhan Sopheap
2. H.E. Uk Thaun
3. Mr. Sou Vibol
4. Mr. Suong Saroun
5. Mr. Chhan Sambo
6. Dr. Doming S.Aranal
7. Dr. Fe Prudenciado
8. Dr. Bede Uwalka
9. Ms. Genior George
10. Dr. Thomas D. Johnson  
Moreover, the institute opened a branch in Mondulkiri Province in 2015. So far, the branch has totally 170 students. This institute has been developed to offer Master, Bachelor and Associate programs:
 Bachelor and Associate Programs:
1. Bachelor of Business Administration
2. Bachelor of Arts in English
3. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
4. Bachelor of Law
5. Bachelor of Science
6. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Electronics
7. Bachelor of Civil Engineering  
Master Programs:
1. Master of Business Management
2. Master of Educational Science
3. Master of Agricultural Science
4. Master of Arts in English