Asian Institute of Cambodia

International Programs

Asian Institute of Cambodia International Programs are committed to preparing the students for careers towards a bright future , in which it is designed to provide students with the cultural depth, the interpersonal skills, and the academic competences needed to promote personal, spiritual, social, and economic development. Its flexible approach to entry requirements makes it open and accessible, serving the need of a diverse range of students from around the world with small class sizes and extensive student support services ensure that the students will get the most out of their time.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs Offered

1. Bachelor of Arts in English (BA. Eng)

2. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

3. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSc. Agriculture)

4. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc.IT)

5. Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)

6. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

7. Bachelor of Electronics Engineering

Admission Requirements:

  • Application form. (You can download directly from
  • Completion of senior higher school education (proof of qualification must be provided).
  • Recognized senior high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Good moral character, and physically and mentally fit.
  • Passport and 2 passport photos.
  • Health certification.
  • No Language Proficiency Test Required for Application

Bridging Course
As all bachelor programs of Asian Institute of Cambodia are conducted in English, students are required to take a six-month bridging course of English before they attend Foundation Year Course. In other words, the students can prepare themselves for the Foundation Year Course. Basic English Programs are focused mainly on: · Basic grammar · Reading Comprehension · Core-English · Conversational English.

Time for applying:
To apply to the institute, you can contact us any time with the address below:
Address: Ourusey II Village, Sangkat Ourusey, Kratie Town, Kratie Province, Cambodia
Mobile: (+855) 99 888 707/ 12 772 448/ 88 418 7788

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